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Bergenline Animal Hospital - North Bergen, NJ - Preventative Health Care For Dogs

FECAL:  A test for internal parasites (WORMS).  Many puppies are born with them and adult dogs acquire them.  You will (INFREQUENTLY) see them in the stool.

HEARTWORM:  A blood-borne parasite transmitted by MOSQUITOES.  Dogs and cats develop worms that live in their hearts and lungs.  An annual test and preventative medication is recommended; namely Heartguard, Interceptor.

FEEDING:  Puppy, Adult Maintenance, Science Diet, Iams, and Eukanuba. (Puppy-3x daily until 6 months, then 2x thereafter).

VITAMINS:  Pet Tabs, Pet Tinic.

TEETH:  Dental hygiene is important to your pet’s health.  Weekly brushing with a pet toothbrush or dental pads is recommended.  DO NOT USE HUMAN TOOTHPASTE. PET TOOTHPASTE IS AVAILABLE.

EARS:  Depending on how fast they develop waxy buildup, your pet's ears should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks with a pet-safe ear cleanser, such as Aurocin or Oticlens. Avoid using water or oil to clean ears as they will leave the ears moist, and can actually INCREASE waxy buildup or cause infections.

NAILS:  Trim as needed, usually every 4-6 weeks for most dogs.

FLEAS/TICKS:  Frontline, Advantage, Program (ONCE A MONTH), and Flea Shampoo.

NEUTERING:  Spay/Alter.  Recommended at 5-6 MONTHS of age.

GROOMING:  Brushing or combing is recommended at least weekly.

MICROCHIP (Home Again): A small microchip is inserted under the skin in order to identify your dog if lost