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Animal Hospital - North Bergen, NJ - Surgical Services


Surgical Procedures are scheduled between 8-10am Monday through Friday

Our hospital is well equipped to provide a wide variety of surgical procedures, including:


Mass removal/biopsy

Opthalmic Surgery

Anal gland removal


Anesthesia:  We utilize the safest available anesthetics to provide an extra margin of safety, especially for our older or high-risk patients. Using the most modern equipment, the patient's vital signs are monitored during all anesthetic procedures.

Pre-surgery Screening:

  • A complete physical examination and pre-operative bloodwork is performed for all surgery patients and must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours prior to any surgical procedure.
  • Pre-op x-rays and an ECG are recommended for senior patients as well as any patients with a known heart condition to properly assess their anesthetic risk.

Pre-surgical Instructions:

  • To minimize anesthetic risk, we recommend that all surgery patients be fasted on the night prior to surgery. No food should be offered after 8pm and no water should be given after midnight.
  • Drop-off for surgery patients is between 7:45-8am. Timely arrival is greatly appreciated. Late arrivals may be asked to reschedule if the time remaining for surgery is not adequate to provide optimal surgical conditions.

Post-operative Instructions:

  • All patients with external sutures are sent home with an e-collar to prevent licking/chewing at their incision. It is important to leave the collar on at all times while the sutures are still in place to avoid infection or opening of the incision. If you wish to provide your own e-collar, please notify the staff and bring it with you when your pet is dropped off for their procedure.


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